Senior Pom to the Rescue

My friend works for a shelter and we got to discussing pets. I was telling her that the recent loss of my cat of 17 years had left a huge hole in my heart and that I may never be ready for another cat. He was my "one". I'm a cat person but have always had a soft spot for Pomeranians. We discussed how poms so rarely come to the shelter, and eventually said our goodbyes. The very next day I got a text with a picture of a n 8 year old Pom who's elderly human had just passed away. He had been released by the family and now sat in my friend's shelter, terrified. I agonized over whether I needed another dog (I already had one rescue), over whether they'd get along and of how scared and confused he must be. I told myself that he was so precious, there was no way that he wouldn't be snatched up quickly. I told my friend that if he wasn't adopted by my birthday just a week and a half away, that he was coming home with me. Maybe it was because the shelter had 2 litters of puppies available. Maybe it was the fact that he was classified as a "senior" and no one wanted to take the risk. But whatever it was, I call it fate because on my birthday, I packed up my family, including Lolo my rescue min-pin chihuahua and drove 2 hours to the shelter to meet him. It's now been a month and Robicheaux has settled in nicely. He sleeps next to my head, follows me like a shadow and loves to chase and catch cat toys. We go for walks, watch t.v. and spend hours just hanging out. He's no longer lonely or afraid and knows that he's found his forever home. He and Lolo rule the roost and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Joyce Bonvillain
Billings, MT