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I worked for a property management company. On my last week before I retired, we were notified that a little white dog had been left in a duplex alone for a week. My family had taken in stray animals, both cats and dogs. (We live in the country, and when people dump them they seem to find us. Because of coyotes and foxes we take them in to protect them, and we had been a dog-fostering family.) So of course I had to go after work and gather that little one in. She is a Lhasa Apso, and had belonged to an elderly woman who was an alcoholic and had dementia. After a welfare check, the paramedics took her to a nursing facility and no one noticed the dog. When I took her that evening, I had to take her immediately to Pet Smart and have her shaved, as she was so matted, dirty, and tangled with her long hair. It was impossible to tell her front end from her rear end. She had not been taken care of. Our intention was to return her to the woman if she was released, but when she died a month later, Snuggles became part of our family menagerie. 6 years later we belong to her, and this is her home not ours - just ask her.

Doris H