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Spay Neuter Program for Rural Area

When I moved to my current home 18 years ago, I was almost immediately told of the feral cat problem. Because we are rural, 35 miles from a town, callous people would dump their unwanted cats here. The cats quickly became feral and reproduced, unchecked. I sought donations, wrote grants, and created a spay/neuter/vaccinate fund for the purpose of altering these cats. I was joined in my efforts by community volunteers, and our goal went beyond fixing to also re-homing the wild cats to a property where the owners agreed to provide adequate shelter and food for their working cats. After several years at almost zero population growth, we are now importing cats and kittens from our neighboring zip codes. The spay/neuter/vaccinate services, along with emergency vet care, are available free of charge to any community member who adopts. My mission is to stop the birth of unwanted cats, so that rescue will no longer be necessary.

Beth Winters