Stitch and Lilo--The story continues!

Our two much loved Siberians ('Laika' & 'Raki') crossed over the rainbow bridge late last year, so we decided to search for two rescue Siberians to repopulate our family pack. We found two wonderful candidates in 'Stitch' (a 2 year old red & white male) and 'Lilo' (a 4 year old B&W female) at NorCal Sled Dog Rescue (Northern California). If you'll recall the recent Walt Disney animated movie 'Stitch and Lilo', you'll remember that 'Stitch' was a dog-like alien creature created to destroy things and 'Lilo' was a sweet little Hawaiian girl who ultimately teaches 'Stitch' about family, love, and sharing. Our two new Siberians couldn't have been better named, believe me, as Stitch came to us with severe behavioral problems that included destructive chewing, insecurity, and generally excessive hyperactivity (in other words, a perfect canine 'Stitch'!). Lilo, on the other hand is a sweet little girl whose only problem is that she wants to be the alpha dog in the family (a role Stitch mightily contests). We've had them for several months now and it has been a challenge dealing with their behavioral glitches, but they are both wonderful, loving, and beautiful Siberians whom we have grown to love dearly. Although it has taken hunks out of us 'retraining' them and correcting the previous behavioral problems their former negligent owners allowed to develop, I am happy to say that they have indeed found their new 'forever home' with us. We are old hands with Siberians, having had the breed around us for more than 20 years, so we are better able to deal with behavioral problems than most. Frankly, I cannot conceive of a life without two beautiful Siberian Huskies in our home to lavish us with kisses and to keep our feet warm in frosty winters.
Sacramento, CA