Ta2, a Chihuahua story

He was found in the woods, a whole 2 1/2 lbs. He was found near an area notorious for puppy mill discards. He has deformed back legs and a spine that’s not quite straight. His little ears appeared burned. My husband said let’s keep him. He had said no more dogs for years. I was shocked. The vet said he was healthy, just needed to get to about 4 lbs. It’s been 4 years now and he is such a sweet, loving and mischievous little guy. He’s adopted our 3 great granddaughters as his own. He adores them and is very protective. My daughter says he’s her kryptonite. He loves cuddles and kisses. He wants nothing more than to be loved. He is attached to me at the hip but adores my husband. He loves people and animals. I cannot imagine life without him. ❤️

Kim yurjevich