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The Little Princess

I was working a Saturday adoption of an animal shelter. My husband and I had transported a dog to the center. We were talking to people and giving the history of the various animals. The day had been cloudy and slightly windy, so I continued to check the cages to keep the animals comfortable. As I made a circuit I saw a cat, rather skinny, with large green eyes and the worst case of dry skin I had ever seen. I also saw she had been recently spayed. I went to the director and said that I was taking Princess, paid my fee for the cat, wrapped her up and brought her home. Fifteen years. I kept her name; she made me her own. Fifteen years. She taps me on the arm to ask for attention or to go out. Also, no more dry skin. She is one of three with Ranger the beautiful black cat and Stanley Katz, M.D., my ginger-peachy guy. Other species make humans better people.

Laurel Mancini