The Recluse

I lost my 16 year old Himalayan. MacTabish or "Mac" was on our Feline Rescue Site. He's a red tabby, with perfect markings, I fell in love at first sight. He was a year old, neutered, with special needs.

They found him in our local Feral Colony; he had been fat, clean, no flees, excellent condition; Mac had not been there the day before. They thought he was lost since a shuttle shot had gone up the day before. He probably got scared, ran and couldn't be found. Special needs, he was terrified. he hid, you couldn't touch his head, he needed a quite home,lots of TLC. I felt so bad he'd gone from a home, to colony, to foster care, to vet, to foster care. No wonder he was terrified.

I brought him home, he hid in a dark corner,I removed him, he ran under the bed. I left water, food and sand box near and waited. For several weeks to give him TLC I had to crawl under the bed or sit on the floor and talk to him. He was terrified when I touched him.

My vet called after Mac arrived ask me to take a year old female Rag Doll he'd done an intake on. I told him about Mac, he said come get this little girl he may just need a friend. I got Delilah a fistey little ALPHA, within a week she and Mac were playing. It took three months before I could touch him without him cowering or running, before he'd come out close to me. One day he jumped up on the couch beside me, I knew we had a large breakthrough.

He is 10 and has three playmates, he is the most loving companionable kitty in the houses. Mac is with me all the time, sleeps beside me, brings me toys, talks to me, follows me, lets me groom, wash & nail clip, withoutt a fuss. He's fantastic if I had to choose only one of my kitties he'd be it.

Titusville, FL