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The small shelter's animal technicians said "She's too wild."

I was volunteering at a small pet shelter when someone dropped off some "feral" cats in a cardboard box left on the shelter's doorstep. The cats were brought in and one in particular was thought to be too feral because when the vet techs tried to pick her up she went a little crazy. But as a several-days-a-week volunteer, I got to observe the cat's behavior close up. She wouldn't leave her cage, but the door was left open during the day. Other cats would leap up into her cage (out of typical cat curiosity) and the "wild" cat didn't hiss or bat at them, but would touch noses. In fact the cat would lick the hands of volunteers (after the mandatory smell test). But because she didn't like being picked up she stayed at the shelter for 6 months! I couldn't stand it because I knew what this cat was really like, and I knew whatever home she ended up at would be much happier because of her affectionate personality (and her beautiful large blue eyes). So guess who's home she moved into? Kitty Heart has been residing in our home for 5 years now. It just shows what amazing discoveries can be found volunteering at an animal shelter.

D. Davis