The sweetest (and meanest) cat in the world

I work in the office of a shipping dock and had to work a Saturday morning to get out a special shipment. Little did I know I would have 2 special shipments that day. After I loaded the truck, I went to take care of the driver's paperwork and he muttered something about kicking a cat. I said excuse me? He said that the black cat on the steps to the office better be gone by the time he gets out the door or he would kick it across the parking lot. I looked out the door and on the steps was the cutest little black kitten that couldn't have been more than a month old. I told him that if he touched a hair on that kitten's head, he would have me to deal with. I'm kind of a big guy and the driver at least took me seriously LOL. I went outside and picked the kitten up. She was one of many strays that hang out there because people feed them. She has the most beautiful shiny black coat and bright green eyes, she made me her new human right there on the spot when she nuzzled up into my beard. I brought her home to my wife and 5 year old daughter and she got the name Jinx. A trip to the vet showed us two things. 1. She is perfectly healthy. 2. She does not like anyone except me, my wife, and daughter. I picked her up from the vet after her being fixed and when the girl came out with the carrier (held at arms length) it sounded like she had a bobcat inside. Jinx was throwing a fit so when I took the carrier I put my face to the door and said "Hi sweetheart, ready to go home?" Jinx gave the sweetest little meow that you have ever heard. The vet and his assistants were all surprised by that until I explained how she loves me because I am the guy that rescued her and gave her a new family to love her.

Desloge, MO