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Tim from TN

After our lovable doofus of a chocolate lab, Zane, passed away, my two sons and I searched with hopes to rescue a dog. We searched for weeks online till we were granted acceptance for a pup named Quincy from TN. There was not much info on him, but he was coming to us via tractor trailer in December. When they handed the small, brown dog to me he was crying and screaming and I was worried he had been hurt. When I held him close and he stopped they assured me he was okay. On the way home I stopped for a small meal to eat in the car. When I returned to the car the pup started to scream again and that's when I realized he did not like to be left alone and was very vocal about it. He was very small so I drove home with him curled up in my lap. Eight years later, Tim (his new name) smiles and 'expresses' loud tears of joy when we return home. He's about one foot tall and the best guard dog we've ever lived with. He sleeps with us at night and is about the cuddliest dog we've ever known. We couldn't imagine home without him.

Michele Barron