Tuki finds a home

Tuki ("sweetness" in Hebrew) was a stray in the neighborhood. I put food out for him, but he ate it at night when no one was around. He watched us from afar, but wouldn't come near. My neighbor, Susie, worried about him living thru another freezing cold winter, so she and her husband trapped him for me. I gave him a bath that first day. He didn't claw me at all, and fell asleep in a soft towel in my arms. Tuki is still adjusting to living with 3 other cats and a dog. He is just beginning to explore the house, after living here for 7 months. One of my cats in particular, keeps him confined to living under the kitchen table. But when that cat's not around, Tuki enjoys his freedom! He loves to play, and enjoys catnip. He is also a great cuddler. The biggest surprise of all was that Tuki's fur grew out. He had short fur when he lived on the streets, maybe due to malnutrition. The vet says Tuki is a Ragdoll. He is a big, furry, sweet doll all right!
Columbia City, IN