Two unlikely cats

Oliver was a sad pitiful kitten siting in a cage at a pound in Mississippi. He was born with all his legs deformed, eye & upper respiratory infections, and was unable to meow. I took him home so that he didn't have to die alone in the shelter. My vet did not have experience with handicapped cats. Oliver was not expected to live to see his first birthday. This year, February 7, 2016, Oliver turned 7 years old! He had water aerobics to help his legs and has survived two strokes (he was 4 & 5). After Oliver's first stroke I decided to get him a friend so he had company and would maybe be more active. I was put on a list with the local humane society (in Tucson, AZ) to adopt a handicapped cat. I was called about a cat that was turned in as a stray and did not have front legs. Of course it was a perfect fit and Oliver and Joey love each other! Oliver is now 7 years old and Joey is going on 4 years old. The manager at Petsmart told me about your show today when I took my cat's in for their annual dental cleaning and said that I should contact you about my two cats. I hope to hear from you and hope you have a great day!

Cortney Adams
Tucson, AZ