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Unwanted kitties

We lost our Willy to old age (he was almost 18 years old), and a month later went to a shelter of the state of Madrid (in Spain) to adopt a kitten. When we arrived, the shelter staff took a look at us (we must have I LOVE KITTIES written on our face) and showed us the older kitties, which according to them, nobody wants. My sister wanted an orange cat and I wanted a tuxedo, so after looking at all the available cats, we came home with Max and Henry, who at this time were 2 and 1 year old. What a great decision; I will never again adopt a small kitten! These two adapted really well and although it took some time for them to hop on our laps and to let us cuddle them, they are now, 4 years later, two purring and lovable family members, who give us so much love and good moments! Adopt an older kitty (or two!). You will never regret it.