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up a tree

My neighbor called me saying, "I found a kitten up a tree in the yard; we have 3 and can't take another one." I said yes, I would love to have it; was it a boy or girl? It was a boy. He is a yellow tabby. We took him to the vet to be sure that Charlie (we named him after our neighbor's grand son) was ok. He is doing great with our other 2 cats, who also have a story; Rhett is a sliver and white Siamese, and Flash came from a friend who knew I was upset over losing our last cat. She called and asked if I would help her with a prayer request. I said ok, but I do not do foster care for kittens. She came bringing a pretty yellow tabby with long hair. He is so handsome! He was shot in the spring of 2019 by someone in our neighborhood; the vet had to take his left leg completely off. He is amazing how he gets around. No we never found the person who shot him, we can only pray it was an accident.

Gloria G Johnston