Walkabout Taz

I first met Taz as tiny orange flash zipping around the common area of my daughter's first apartment. We couldn't find an owner so when the weather turned in October, which in Colorado means freezing temperatures, she brought him in, and got him his shots and a neuter. Fast forward two years and she was moving up to a larger apartment across town. By then she had added another cat (Chris) to her little cat family and off they all went to the new apartment. It was snowing quite heavily by the time she got there but finally unloaded the last personals and of course the cats. Then she set about unpacking. She decided to treat herself to pizza and spent the rest of the evening unpacking. As she settled in for bed she couldn't locate Taz, but assumed he had hidden in a box somewhere. In the morning she still couldn't find Taz and panic descended. Realizing he must have slipped out when the pizza man came all hands were called to search for Taz. We concentrated on the areas between her new place and her old, thinking of Homeward Bound and his instinct to head back home. Weeks went by and our hopes dwindled. But every morning I scoured the animal shelters websites searching all the sad faces, hoping against hope. Until one morning...There! It had been exactly 30 days and we really didn't think we'd ever see him again, but the fuzzy picture looked spot on, although it stated he was discovered in the opposite direction we had spent so much time searching. She went to the Humane Society first thing and, nooooo, the little orange cat in the kennel wasn't him. She turned to her friend sobbing, we thought for sure it was Taz and the stress of another disappointment was devastating. Then out of the corner of his eye her friend spotted somthing, he said "Abby, look!" as she turned she saw two orange paws several cages down frantically reaching for her. And there he was!! In all his glory. Our Walkabout Taz.
Casselberry, FL