We'll take them all!! was Wharf Rescue's reply

WE’LL TAKE THEM ALL! Words that were to change my life and others. That’s what I was told happened when authorities were looking around our big city area for a rescue place to take a large number of cats discovered in a hoarding situation. The lady had become ill, I’m told the kitten I ended up with had been used as a weapon – thrown at the people who had come to help the lady. He wasn’t rescued that day but arrangements were made.

My 6 month old kitten was TERRIFIED of people. He had been rescued about 7 weeks before I saw him. He was neutered and vaccinated and had started to heal; however, he still had open wounds on him and it seemed the bruises lasted many months.

I had 2 cats and 2 Chihuahuas [my “30 lbs. of pet” family] and one of the cats died unexpectedly from a tumor at way too young [not quite 8]. Even my dogs grieved and my other cat put her paws on top the little cat post she had taught Dooley to use [she preferred the big one and he had needed teaching]. She put her paws on it and sobbed, it was heart-wrenching. Hard to explain, I didn’t know a cat could cry that way…

I saw the ad. I wasn’t sure I wanted a new pet, especially so soon, but that kitten needed us and we needed him. It amazed me when the foster mom brought him in a crate and my Chi’s didn’t make a peep, they must have known he was so traumatized already. She had started working with him by trailing some buttons on a string and teaching him to follow.

I couldn’t touch him the first 10 days and every tiny bit of progress took a lot of time. Good thing that me and the pets have a very quiet, happy and loving household and I talk sweet to the critters a lot. Dexter [formerly dubbed Mr. Orville] eventually came around and instead of looking like a homely cat, he now GLOWED. He is still scared of anybody that visits and never comes out but he’s certainly my buddy! He often can be found beside my elbow at the computer or nearby when I’m anywhere else. He’s grown to be the slightly-bratty but very happy brother kitty and treasured member of our little family. It took until this year for him to like boxes and decide crumpled paper can be great fun too so he is still progressing.

I don’t know how many cats came out of that hoarded home but no other rescue places had offered to take them all on except WHARF RESCUE. I am so very grateful!!

Dexter now loves being close to me, loves being brushed [even his tummy], will take a treat out of my hand, kisses me regularly and is a love to all of us. He’s been home now for 3-1/2 years. Here he comes to sit beside me and get his hug!

Debra Anderson
Alberta, Canada