We weren't cat people

When our son brought home a black/white tuxedo kitty from college we were not thrilled...however we grew in love and were REALLY sad empty nesters when kitty MJ ( oh, and our son) moved out . We were on a mission to find a black/white tux of our own. We found runt Minnie in a shelter with her 4 litter mates. We visited her until her goal weight of 2 pounds and during visits one litter mate kept hanging on the crossbar of the cage and reminded us of a lil gray mouse and had the cutest mustache that we could not resist so we took him too.😊 We named him Mickey, and Minnie was an appropriate name for the runt. Later we discovered Mickey was a she...thus a spelling change...Mikki. FOUR MONTHS later we noticed a picture of a male litter mate that was STILL on the shelter's poster advertisement, so our son so graciously adopted K.O. K.O. and Minnie have since gained angel wings but Mikki and MJ are going strong. Who'd ever think that we TOTALLY ARE cat people. 😊 Thanks to all of you who rescue!
Avondale, AZ