Welcome Home Willow

Willow did not have a happy childhood. Her previous owners never really wanted her. They never took the time to play with her and socialize when she was a kitten. They basically just ignored her. When they decided they didn't want her at all, they said they were going to take her to the nearest farm and drop her off outside. When my husband heard of this he was not about to let that happen. He went to the irresponsible owners and said that we wanted to take Willow and give her a home. They gladly gave her to him. She was a bit standoffish at first and to this day she will not let anyone hold her. With time, patience and lots of love she has become the perfect house cat. She spends her days roaming through the house, lounging on the couch and playing with her many toys. She loves to sit on the top tier of her cat tree and look out the window, while feeling the sun's warmth coming through. She is quite vocal and lets us know loudly when it is time to eat. She will never again have to worry about being dropped off anywhere. She is in her forever home.

Diana & Joe Schmied