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Who are you calling HANDICAPPED?

"Scooter" is a Abby mix. She came to me as a month old kitten that was stepped on. Her spine was injured. She could not use her hind legs and was in pain. We amputated them and she "took off"! (She tore her stitches 3 times having so much fun after the surgery!) She has caught 3 mice! Queen of the house! Teasing & bossing others around. She's been on the news & in the paper. I use her to teach people "you don't have to kill them because they are handicapped"! She has stolen hundreds of hearts & changed many minds! She is a certified companion animal so I take her with me many places. She is used to this & enjoys the attention. This is a great time to teach others. She is 7 years old. She no longer uses the cart but "SCOOTS" around at top speed. She keeps me, (I'm also disabled with a spinal injury) going. I made a mistake asking God for a "2 LEGGED companion that UNDERSTANDS BACK PAIN & is ALWAYS THERE"! That is EXACTLY WHAT I GOT! Beware how you pray! Be specific! But I love her w/ all my heart! She's receiving acupuncture. She falls asleep while being treated then she's a hyper monster for weeks! Acupuncture takes the pain away. IT WORKS (animals will not respond to placebos)! I hope she changes other owner's minds before crying "euthanize because they are suffering"! She is NOT SUFFERING. She is HAPPY & PLAYFUL!

Kay Williford
Portland, OR