Who Chose Who?

Two years ago I got a call from a groomer friend telling me that a dog in terrible shape had been dropped off at her studio by a Good Samaritan who had found him & could I come get him? At the time I was an active volunteer at our shelter & figured I could take him in, get him the care that he needs & keep an eye on him to make sure he found a good home. When I arrived a flea ridden mess of a dog took one look at me & hurled himself into my arms while I said "Hey, what's up Doc?". His whole body was scabbed over & his ears were so badly infected that he had scratched holes into both sides of his neck to try to get at them. Around his neck was an old collar that said "B-Ware I Bite". The groomer was amazed at his reaction to me as for 2 days at her place he had just been staring at walls. I took him to the shelter & visited him every day. When it came to his behavior evaluation he failed for food aggression & was scheduled to be euthanized. That wasn't going to happen so I called a friend with a rescue to pull him from the shelter & home he came. A client of mine was interested in adopting him after I worked with him, but once I had him she backed out. I had lost my beloved Shepherd Mix 3 weeks before & was not ready for another dog.... or so I thought. Under all of those scabs & yuck was the sweetest little Wheaten Terrier you could ever meet! No wonder he was prone to biting before- he must have been SO owwy. Fast forward 2 years (and a neuter, dental, extraction & eye removal later) and me & my "Doc Holliday" couldn't be happier. He is by far the best canine companion I have ever had- and such a handsome guy. I am the luckiest dog mom in the world that he chose me!

Columbus, OH