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Wilson survived the virus

Most of the animal shelters were tightly closed in the Denver area due to the corona virus. A lot of places were closed. March 16 I put my cat of 20 years and one month to sleep. He had been having strokes. I immediately wanted another cat, but the animal shelters were closed for adoptions. Being confined myself, I really needed a companion. I found a shelter that had not closed: a very small and very poor shelter, depending on contributions of money and food and kitty litter and toys. My Koloha was yellow and white. When I saw this cat with a bashed-in looking face of yellow and white, I had to have him, but he was just surrendered there and I'd have to wait 72 hours till I could pick him up. I had not seen the body; it was in a carrier. Wilson is 7 yrs old, 8 lbs and 9 inches tall, and a foot long. He is a flame-point Himalayan. They had shaved places on him for the mats in his hair, so it needs a good beautician, when the hair grows more and the yellow is coming through the white. But so loving and friendly to greet every person who comes to visit. We are inseparable. Older people need the companionship of animals. They live longer and have fewer ailments with a pet around. Please give to animal shelters. They are caring for people who cannot afford to feed their animals during this epidemic. I looked at Cat Care Society and Angles With Paws. I donate what little I can spare to ASPCA and Humane Society and Roar and Heifer. They need more help.

Donna J Morris