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Pledge to Prevent Alabama Rot

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Alabama Rot is on the rise, and presents a year-round threat. Pledge to be vigilant and stop Alabama Rot!

An invisible menace, Alabama Rot, poses a serious risk to dogs of all breeds.

What is Alabama Rot?

Alabama Rot, or cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy (CRGV), emerged decades ago in the United States, primarily afflicting Greyhounds in Alabama's racing tracks. Gradually, it crept its way into other states1.

This sinister disease leaves dogs aching from skin sores, vascular decay, and kidney failure, in most cases ending in death2.

The Silent Resurgence

After years of lying dormant, Alabama Rot has resurfaced with a vengeance, this time across the Atlantic in the United Kingdom1. Since its reappearance in 2012, it has left a trail of hundreds of confirmed cases. Once a rare occurrence, the disease has accelerated its onslaught, with 11 new cases reported in 2022 and two more in early 20233.

While Alabama Rot finds its fertile ground in the muddied landscapes of winter, the mutating disease is no longer restricted by seasonal changes, lurking year-round3.

Understanding the Threat

Alabama Rot remains an enigma. Its exact causes have eluded veterinary science since it was first discovered4.

What we do know is that it strikes indiscriminately. No breed is immune1. And, as theories connect the dots, we see a potential link between the disease and damp, bacteria-laden terrains4.

Once you notice Alabama Rot may have infected an animal, it may already be too late. Immediate veterinary intervention is a lifeline, but the odds of a full recovery are low. There are no vaccines to guard against this silent menace, making early detection critical to increase the chance of survival5.

Take Action to Protect Your Pet

The answer lies in prevention. A united front, built on knowledge, vigilance, and responsible care, can shield our pets from this looming threat.

Pledge to protect your furry friends from Alabama Rot. By arming ourselves with knowledge, we become the first line of defense.

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The Pledge:

Alabama Rot is a complex disease that can affect dogs of all breeds. It often presents with skin sores, kidney failure, and tissue damage. Sadly, successful treatment is rare, making prevention our best defense.

As such, I pledge to take the following actions to reduce the risk of Alabama Rot:

  1. Regular Paw Inspections: I will routinely check my pets' paws for any unusual sores or lesions, especially after walks in muddy areas.
  2. Prompt Vet Visits: If I notice any unexplained skin issues, I will seek immediate veterinary attention.
  3. Mud Cleanup: After muddy adventures, I commit to thoroughly washing off the mud from my pets' fur and paws.
  4. Woodland Awareness: I will be cautious when walking dogs in woodland areas, where Alabama Rot might be more prevalent.
  5. Monitoring Symptoms: I will closely monitor pets for symptoms like reduced appetite, vomiting, and fatigue, which could be early signs of Alabama Rot.
  6. Information Sharing: I will spread awareness about Alabama Rot within the pet community, ensuring everyone knows the risks.
  7. Hygiene Practices: I will maintain good hygiene practices for my pets, keeping them clean and healthy.
  8. Mud-Free Zone: I will create a designated area for your dog to dry off before entering your home.
  9. Supporting Research: I pledge to support ongoing research into Alabama Rot causes and prevention.
  10. Loving Care: Above all, I will continue to provide my pets with the love, care, and attention they deserve.

By taking these actions, I will ensure a healthier, happier future for pets and their humans.

Pledged by,

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