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End Auburn's Deadly Kitten Experiments Now

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Kittens in Auburn University's cruel experiments need your voice now – sign and ensure a future where compassion and ethical research lead the way.

For nearly five decades, Auburn University has been at the center of a deeply troubling issue – the breeding and testing of kittens for painful and often fatal experiments. These innocent animals are subjected to conditions that no living being should ever endure, all under the guise of scientific research. It's time we raise our voices against this injustice.

Cruelty Behind Closed Doors

Auburn University's laboratories have become places of suffering for thousands of kittens bred to have debilitating genetic disorders. The range of experiments these animals are subjected to is not just disturbing but heartbreakingly cruel. From being overfed to induce obesity and diabetes to being infected with life-threatening diseases, the plight of these animals is unimaginable1.

What's more alarming is that these experiments are funded by taxpayer dollars, through federal agencies like the NIH, NSF, and USDA2. It's our money that's supporting these cruel practices, and it's our responsibility to demand change.

A Legacy of Suffering

Investigations have revealed the extent of the suffering inflicted on these animals. Auburn's animal labs have seen a significant increase in the number of cats and kittens used in experiments, with a breeding colony specifically maintained for these tests3. The conditions in which these animals are kept and the procedures they are subjected to have led to Auburn receiving multiple citations for violating federal animal welfare laws4.

A Call for Transparency and Humanity

The lack of transparency regarding these experiments is a major concern. Despite legal challenges and public outcry, Auburn University and associated institutions have resisted releasing detailed records of the animal testing conducted. This opacity only adds to the ethical concerns surrounding these experiments5.

It's time for Auburn University to reassess its approach to animal testing. There are alternatives to animal research that do not involve such high levels of suffering, and it's imperative that these options are explored and implemented.

Join the Movement for Change

We cannot stand by while these cruel practices continue. It's time to make our voices heard and demand an end to unnecessary and inhumane animal experimentation at Auburn University.

Let's stand united for the innocent lives at stake. Sign the petition today to demand an end to cruel animal experiments at Auburn University. Together, we can push for a future where research is conducted ethically, without causing unnecessary suffering to animals.

More on this issue:

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The Petition:

To the Office of the Vice President For Research at Auburn University,

We, the undersigned, are deeply concerned individuals united in protest against the cruel and unnecessary animal experimentation practices that have been reported to occur within your esteemed institution. It has come to our attention that for nearly half a century, Auburn University has engaged in the breeding and testing of kittens with genetic disorders, subjecting them to painful and often fatal experiments funded by taxpayer dollars.

The extent of these experiments, including inducing obesity, diabetes, and heartworm in kittens, and force-feeding them experimental drugs, is not only alarming but also raises significant ethical questions. The use of public funds to support such research further underscores the need for transparency and accountability in these practices.

The recent revelations about the conditions within Auburn's animal testing facilities, including citations for violating federal animal welfare laws, have cast a shadow on the university's commitment to humane and ethical research standards. It is imperative that Auburn University reassess its practices in light of these concerns and consider the moral implications of continuing such experiments.

We implore you to take immediate action to end these cruel and unnecessary experiments on animals. It is within your power to steer Auburn University towards a future where research is conducted with transparency, humanity, and respect for all living beings. We urge you to consider alternative methods of research that do not involve animal suffering and to establish more humane standards for scientific inquiry.

Let Auburn University be a leader in ethical research by making a decision that reflects a commitment to a healthier, more humane future for all. We look forward to your response and the positive steps you will take to address these critical issues.


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