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Prevent a Pet Safety Crisis at Home

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Unseen dangers in our homes can be life-threatening risks for beloved pets — transform your space into a safe haven for furry friends.

In a world where the safety of our beloved pets is often overlooked, a recent incident serves as a stark reminder of the hidden dangers lurking within our own homes. One woman's 2-year-old Pug, Ham, faced a life-threatening situation after swallowing over 50 hairbands, a common household item1.

This harrowing experience reminds us all why it is critical for pet owners to reassess the safety of their home environments.

Understanding the Risks

Pets, much like children, are naturally curious and often explore the world with their mouths. What may seem like a harmless object to us can be a potential hazard to them2.

Across the globe, pets have ingested various household items - from socks and rubber ducks to even cash - leading to emergency medical procedures3. It's important that we, as pet owners, become aware of these risks and take proactive steps to mitigate them.

Your Role in Pet Safety

The responsibility of creating a safe environment for our pets rests on our shoulders. Like Ham's owner, we must all take a stand to protect our furry family members from such dangers4.

Remember, prevention is always better than cure. By taking the simple yet effective measures outlined in our pledge, you can drastically reduce the risk of your pet encountering a life-threatening situation.

Join the Movement

We are calling on pet owners everywhere to make a commitment to pet safety. By signing our pledge, you're taking a significant step towards creating a safer, more secure environment for your pets. This pledge is a promise to remain vigilant and proactive in preventing potential hazards that could endanger the lives of our beloved pets.

Don't wait for a close call to take action. Protect your pet and join a community of responsible pet owners dedicated to promoting pet safety and welfare. Sign the pledge today!

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The Pledge:

As a responsible pet owner, I understand that everyday household items can pose serious health risks to my beloved pets. Incidents like the one involving Ham, the pug who ingested a large number of hairbands, highlight the need for constant vigilance in our homes. To ensure the safety and well-being of my pets, I pledge to take the following actions:

  1. Regular Home Inspections: I will regularly inspect my home for small, ingestible items such as hairbands, rubber bands, and small toys that could be harmful if swallowed by my pets.

  2. Secure Storage: I commit to storing all potentially dangerous items in secure, pet-inaccessible places.

  3. Trash Can Safety: I will use pet-proof trash cans to prevent my pets from accessing and ingesting harmful substances.

  4. Pet-Safe Zones: I pledge to create pet-safe zones in my home, free from any hazardous items.

  5. Immediate Cleanup: I will promptly clean up any spills or debris that could pose a risk to my pets.

  6. Pet Supervision: I promise to supervise my pets, especially in areas where they might find dangerous objects.

  7. Family Education: I will educate all family members, including children, about the importance of keeping small and dangerous items away from pets.

  8. Regular Vet Visits: I commit to regular veterinary check-ups to ensure my pet’s health and to seek advice on pet-proofing my home.

  9. Pet-Friendly Toys and Accessories: I will provide my pets with safe toys and accessories, like those available from The Animal Rescue Site store, avoiding items that can easily be broken into small, ingestible pieces.

  10. Behavior Monitoring: I will be vigilant in observing my pet's behavior for signs of ingesting foreign objects and act immediately if I suspect anything unusual.

By taking these actions, I am not only ensuring a safer environment for my pets but also fostering a happier and healthier tomorrow for both my pets and my family. Together, we can prevent accidents and emergencies, allowing us to enjoy the unconditional love and joy that our pets bring into our lives.

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