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Alaska's Salmon in Peril — Protect A Vanishing Species

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Alaska's King Salmon are vanishing — save these majestic creatures from extinction and preserve the balance of Alaska's unique marine ecosystem.

King Salmon (Chinook) are majestic creatures — not just fish — they symbolize the ecological and cultural richness of Alaska. Yet, today, they face an unprecedented crisis.

King Salmon, the largest of the Pacific salmon species, are vital to Alaska's ecosystems, economy, and Indigenous cultures. However, their existence is under severe threat due to overfishing, climate change, habitat destruction, and competition from hatchery-raised fish. These factors have led to a drastic decline in their populations, endangering the balance of marine life and the livelihoods of many communities1.

The Decline of a Titan

Once abundant in Alaskan waters, King Salmon numbers have plummeted alarmingly. Studies and state data point to a significant decrease in their abundance, size, and genetic diversity since 2007. The situation is dire, with king salmon returning in fewer numbers to many rivers across Alaska, forcing painful restrictions on fisheries2.

The impact of this decline extends beyond the species itself. It affects the entire food chain, including predator species like orcas, and has substantial economic repercussions for Alaska's fishing industry. The loss of king salmon also deeply impacts Indigenous communities, for whom these fish are a cornerstone of cultural practices and subsistence living3.

The Call to Action: Protecting King Salmon Under the ESA

In response to this crisis, the Wild Fish Conservancy has petitioned for the listing of Alaska's king salmon as an endangered species under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). This protection is crucial for implementing recovery plans, including habitat conservation and stricter fishing regulations. It's not just about saving a fish; it's about preserving an entire ecosystem and a way of life4.

How You Can Help

We invite you to join our cause by signing the petition to list Alaska's king salmon under the Endangered Species Act. By adding your voice, you are standing up for sustainable practices, ecological balance, and the cultural heritage of Alaska.

Join us in this urgent endeavor to save Alaska's king salmon. Sign the petition, share the message, and be part of the solution. Together, we can turn the tide for these magnificent creatures and secure a sustainable future for all.

More on this issue:

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The Petition:

We, the undersigned, call for immediate action to list Alaska's king salmon (Chinook salmon) under the Endangered Species Act. This urgent step is necessary to safeguard a species facing a critical survival challenge and to ensure a healthier ecosystem for future generations.

The Plight of the King Salmon

Alaska's king salmon are iconic, not only for their majestic presence in Alaskan waters but also for their cultural and economic significance. These fish are the largest of the Pacific salmon species and play a vital role in maintaining the balance of Alaska's marine ecosystems. However, their populations have been in alarming decline due to a combination of overfishing, climate change, habitat destruction, and competition from hatchery-raised fish. This decline not only impacts the species itself but also affects the broader ecosystem, including predator species like orcas, and the livelihoods of many Alaskan communities.

Why Endangered Species Act Protection is Crucial

The Endangered Species Act (ESA) provides critical protections for species at the brink of extinction. Listing the king salmon under the ESA would mandate the implementation of recovery plans, including habitat conservation, stricter regulation of fishing practices, and measures to address climate change impacts. This is not merely about saving a single species; it is about preserving the integrity of an entire ecosystem and the cultural heritage of Alaska.

Our Call to Action

We urge the responsible authorities to:

  1. Promptly review the petition to list Alaska's king salmon as an endangered species.
  2. Implement immediate conservation measures to mitigate factors contributing to their decline.
  3. Engage in collaborative efforts with local communities, Indigenous groups, and fishery stakeholders to develop sustainable management strategies.
  4. Increase funding and support for scientific research to monitor king salmon populations and their habitats.

Securing a Resilient Future

By taking these actions, we will not only be protecting a species that is emblematic of Alaska's natural beauty but also contributing to the resilience of our ecosystems. Healthy king salmon populations are indicative of vibrant, biodiverse marine environments, which are essential for the planet's overall ecological balance. The preservation of the king salmon is a step towards ensuring a healthier, brighter future for all species, including humanity, as we depend on these ecosystems for our survival and well-being.

We implore you to recognize the critical state of Alaska's king salmon and to take decisive action to list them under the Endangered Species Act. Our collective future depends on the health and sustainability of our natural world.


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