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Pledge to support National Adopt a Cat Month throughout June and every other month of the year.

June is National Adopt a Cat Month, a time dedicated to celebrating and promoting the adoption of cats from shelters and rescue organizations1. While some may consider buying a cat from a breeder, let's take a moment to recognize the immense benefits of adopting a cat instead. By choosing adoption, you not only open your heart and home to a loving companion but also contribute to the well-being of countless shelter cats in need2.

When you adopt a cat, you become a hero in the life of an animal that has been abandoned, neglected, or surrendered. Animal shelters and rescue organizations provide a safe haven for these felines, offering them a second chance at a happy, fulfilling life. By adopting, you give them the love, care, and warmth they deserve.

Moreover, by choosing adoption, you actively support the ongoing efforts of shelters and rescue organizations3. These dedicated institutions work tirelessly to rescue, rehabilitate, and care for cats, providing them with medical attention, nourishment, and a nurturing environment until they find their forever homes. Your decision to adopt not only changes the life of an individual cat but also contributes to the larger cause of compassionate animal welfare.

The challenges faced by animal shelters are immense, particularly when their kennels reach capacity4. Limited space and resources force shelters to make difficult decisions, sometimes even turning away new arrivals or having to make the heart-wrenching choice of euthanizing cats to create room for others5. This is where adoption becomes truly urgent and essential. By choosing to adopt a cat, you directly alleviate the strain on shelters, creating space for more cats in need and giving them the chance they deserve.

No-kill shelters have a critical mission to save as many lives as possible and promote responsible pet ownership6. When you adopt from a no-kill shelter, you significantly increase a cat's chances of finding a loving home. These shelters go above and beyond, providing necessary medical care, behavioral training, and socialization to prepare cats for adoption. By choosing adoption, you actively support the mission of no-kill shelters and contribute to a higher rate of survival for shelter cats7.

The variety of cats available for adoption is boundless, with shelters housing felines of all ages, breeds, and personalities8. Whether you're seeking a playful kitten or a calm, mature cat, you'll find the perfect companion waiting for you. The adoption process typically involves filling out an application, meeting potential feline companions, and completing necessary paperwork. Shelters have experienced staff and volunteers who will guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth and successful adoption experience for both you and your new furry friend.

Adopting a cat is a life-changing experience that brings immeasurable joy and unconditional love into your home. Not only do you provide a loving home for a cat in need, but you also gain a loyal and affectionate companion who will enrich your life in countless ways. Furthermore, the adoption fee you pay at shelters often covers essential vaccinations, spaying or neutering, and microchipping, making adoption a cost-effective choice compared to buying from a breeder.

National Adopt a Cat Month is not just about individual adoptions—it's about creating a collective impact. You have the power to spread the word and make a difference in the lives of shelter cats. Share your adoption story on social media, volunteer your time and skills at local shelters, or donate supplies and funds to support their ongoing efforts. By actively participating in this initiative, you inspire others to consider adoption.

Take the Adopt a Cat Month Pledge and make a difference today!

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The Pledge:

I pledge to support National Adopt a Cat Month and make a positive impact in the lives of shelter cats. I recognize the importance of this observance in raising awareness about the needs of shelter cats and the benefits that come with adopting a feline companion.

To support the adoption and comfort of shelter cats across the country, I will take the following actions:

  1. Visit Local Animal Shelters: I will take the time to visit local animal shelters and rescue organizations to learn about the cats available for adoption and their individual needs.
  2. Volunteer at Shelters: I will offer my time and skills as a dedicated volunteer at local shelters. Whether it's cleaning kennels, socializing cats, assisting with adoption events, or providing transportation, my contribution will directly impact the well-being of shelter cats.
  3. Foster a Cat: I will consider becoming a foster parent for a shelter cat, providing them with a temporary home and love while freeing up space at the shelter. This valuable experience allows cats to flourish in a home environment before finding their forever families.
  4. Support Adoption Events: I will actively participate in adoption events organized by shelters or rescue organizations in my community. By attending and spreading the word, I can help connect more cats with loving families and alleviate the burden on shelters.
  5. Educate Others: I will educate my friends, family, and community about the importance of adopting cats from shelters. I will share information about the benefits of adoption, the challenges faced by shelter cats, and the joy that comes from providing a loving home.
  6. Advocate for Spaying/Neutering: I will promote the importance of spaying and neutering cats to prevent overpopulation. By encouraging responsible pet ownership, we can reduce the number of cats in shelters and ensure a better future for all felines.
  7. Support No-Kill Shelters: I will actively support and promote the mission of no-kill shelters, which play a crucial role in saving lives and ensuring every adoptable cat gets a chance at finding a loving forever home.
  8. Lead by Example: I will be a responsible pet owner, providing love, care, and a safe environment for my adopted cat. By showing the joy and fulfillment that comes from adopting a shelter cat, I hope to inspire others to follow suit.
  9. Donate Supplies or Funds: I will contribute essential supplies such as cat food, bedding, toys, litter, and cleaning supplies to local shelters, or purchase a care package for shelter cats from GreaterGood.
  10. Spread the Word: I will utilize social media platforms and personal networks to share heartwarming adoption stories, photos, and videos. By using hashtags like #AdoptDontShop and #NationalAdoptACatMonth, I can raise awareness and encourage others to consider adoption.

By taking these actions and supporting National Adopt a Cat Month, I am committed to making a difference in the lives of shelter cats. Together, we can create a more compassionate society that values the well-being and happiness of all animals. Let's choose adoption and give shelter cats the love and forever homes they deserve!

Pledged by,

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