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Pledge to Keep Pets Safe and Secure from Fireworks

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Fireworks can cause great mental distress in pets and lead to lasting physical harm. Take the pledge to keep your pets safe!

An estimated one-fifth of pet disappearances are due to very loud sounds, mainly fireworks and storms1.

In fact, more pets run away on the Fourth of July than any other day of the year2.

The effects of fireworks on animals can be observed very clearly in zoos. It has been shown that the noise of fireworks makes animals such as rhinos and cheetahs very nervous, also visibly affecting others such as elephants, while rodents continue running minutes after the noises cease3.

Dogs hear sounds in frequency ranges we don't even recognize as humans. A near sonic firework blast is heard by a dog much more clearly and extremely different than humans4. Added to their sensitive hearing, around 45% of dogs have a firework phobia5.

Dogs that run off out of curiosity have a higher chance of returning than those that run away as a result of panic, such as loud noises, fireworks, or gunshots. A panic stricken dog is not exploring; therefore, they are not smelling or living life as normal dogs. They are in a constant state of panic, and this panic in most cases will cause them to not recognize their own family members. Their job is to get away from everything. Chances are that they will not be found unless they are cornered and netted4.

It's important to ensure people can identify your dog and contact you if it runs off out of fear. Getting it microchipped in advance of the Fourth of July and other summer holidays is a smart decision. It's also a good idea to attach identification tags to your pet's collar2.

Keep your pets mental and physical health in mind this summer. Sign the Pet Friendly Fireworks Pledge and show your pet you care!

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The Pledge:

As a lover of all pets, I pledge to be mindful of the environment I put animals in on the Fourth of July and every other day of the year.

  1. I pledge to leash my pet and I.D. them before going out to any public places.
  2. I pledge to keep my pet clear of sparklers and other fireworks of any size.
  3. I pledge to keep my pet indoors in a comfortable room with water and food until fireworks subside.
  4. I pledge to look out for lost pets throughout the year, especially after fireworks displays.

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