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Pledge to Prevent Pet Theft

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Join our fight to end pet theft – pledge today to safeguard your beloved furry friends and help create a safer world for all our animal companions.

Every pet owner knows the boundless joy and unconditional love that pets bring into our lives. Sadly, this beautiful bond is threatened by an alarming trend – pet theft. Across the United States, millions of pets are stolen each year, leaving families heartbroken and pets in potential danger1.

The Rising Threat

Pet theft is a sinister reality that lurks in unsuspecting neighborhoods. From backyards to public spaces, no location is completely safe from the risk of pet theft. Whether driven by profit, malice, or misguided intentions, the act of stealing a pet shatters the safety and security we strive to provide for our furry companions2.

Understanding and Awareness

Awareness is the first step towards prevention. On Pet Theft Awareness Day, we consider the causes and preventive measures. Despite various motives behind pet theft, the outcome is invariably the same – a distraught family and a pet in unfamiliar, often unsafe, surroundings. The low recovery rate of stolen pets makes it even more important for owners to understand proactive measures3.

The Power of Collective Action

When we stand together, we create a formidable shield against the threat of pet theft. By taking these steps, not only do you protect your pet, but you also contribute to creating a safer community for all pets. Awareness, vigilance, and community engagement are our strongest weapons in this fight.

Take the Pledge Today

Are you ready to make a difference? Join us in our mission to protect every pet from the threat of theft. By signing the pledge, you commit to proactive steps that ensure the safety of your furry family member. Let's unite to create a world where every pet lives in safety and every owner sleeps with peace of mind.

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The Pledge:

Pet theft is a growing concern globally, with an estimated two million pets stolen annually in the United States alone. This alarming statistic highlights the importance of proactive measures to safeguard our beloved companions from potential threats.

As a dedicated pet owner, I pledge to take the following actions to protect my pet from the risk of theft:

  1. Microchip and Register My Pet: I will ensure my pet is microchipped and keep the registration information up-to-date for easy identification and recovery.

  2. Secure Outdoor Spaces: I commit to making my yard secure to prevent my pet from escaping and becoming an easy target for thieves.

  3. Supervise Pets Outdoors: I will actively supervise my pet when they are outdoors and never leave them unattended, especially in public spaces.

  4. Use Leashes and Collars with ID Tags: When outside, I will always use a leash and ensure my pet wears a collar with an ID tag.

  5. Avoid Leaving Pets in Cars: I understand the risks and will never leave my pet unattended in a vehicle.

  6. Vary Walking Routes and Times: To prevent potential thieves from predicting my routine, I will vary the routes and times of our walks.

  7. Be Vigilant About Strangers: I will stay alert to any unfamiliar individuals showing undue interest in my pet.

  8. Secure Pet Information: I will keep recent photos and detailed descriptions of my pet, including any unique identifiers.

  9. Educate Myself on Pet Theft: I will stay informed about the latest trends and methods in pet theft to be one step ahead.

  10. Spread Awareness: I pledge to educate others about the importance of pet theft prevention, sharing tips and resources with my community.

Commitment to a Safer Future

By taking these actions, I am contributing to a safer and more secure environment for not only my pet but also for the pets in my community. Together, we can work towards a future where pets and their humans live happier, more secure lives, free from the fear of theft.

Pledged by,

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