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The Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep is at a crossroads. Join our pledge to safeguard these iconic creatures and their ecosystem.

The iconic Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, Colorado's proud state mammal, has rebounded from near extinction, but the species is still in danger.

These magnificent creatures, known for their impressive curved horns and agile mountain climbing, face a precarious future. It's time to take a stand and make a difference.

The Plight of the Bighorn Sheep

Once thriving in the rugged terrain of the Rocky Mountains, bighorn sheep now confront multiple threats that jeopardize their existence. Habitat loss due to human development, diseases from domestic livestock, climate change impacts, and increasing human-wildlife conflicts have all contributed to their declining numbers1.

A recent landmark agreement in Colorado, which secured 101,676 acres for bighorn sheep conservation, marked a significant step forward2. Yet, the journey to fully safeguard these animals is far from over.

Why Bighorn Sheep Matter

Bighorn sheep are not just a symbol of the wilderness; they are key players in their ecosystem. Their presence influences vegetation patterns and provides a food source for predators like mountain lions and wolves. Protecting them helps maintain the balance of our natural habitats.

Our Role in Their Survival

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) has been at the forefront of bighorn sheep management, conducting annual counts and monitoring the health of these herds3. However, they can't do it alone.

Community involvement plays a crucial role in conservation efforts. The Vail Bighorn Initiative is a prime example of how local action can significantly impact the survival of these species4.

Join the Movement

Your support is vital in ensuring a thriving future for this species. By signing our pledge, you join a community dedicated to conserving the Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep.

Together, we can foster a more resilient ecosystem where these majestic creatures and other wildlife can thrive. Our combined efforts will not only safeguard the bighorn sheep but also ensure a healthier and more balanced future for our planet.

Take the Pledge Today and Be a Part of the Solution!

More on this issue:

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The Pledge:

Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep face several threats including habitat loss due to development, disease transmission from domestic livestock, climate change, and increased human-wildlife conflicts. These challenges have led to a decline in their population and disruption of their natural habitat.

As an individual committed to the conservation of Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, I pledge to:

  1. Educate Myself and Others: Learn about bighorn sheep and share knowledge with my community to raise awareness.

  2. Support Wildlife Conservation Organizations: Donate to or volunteer with groups dedicated to protecting wildlife habitats, like Greater Good Charities and its program to preserve critical wildlife habitat.

  3. Advocate for Responsible Policies: Engage in policy discussions and support legislation that promotes wildlife conservation and habitat protection.

  4. Practice Responsible Outdoor Recreation: Stick to designated trails and keep a respectful distance from wildlife to minimize disturbance to bighorn sheep.

  5. Report Wildlife Encounters: Inform local wildlife agencies about any encounters with bighorn sheep, especially in unusual locations.

  6. Promote Sustainable Land Use: Support and advocate for land-use practices that consider the needs of wildlife, including the preservation of migration corridors.

  7. Reduce Carbon Footprint: Take actions to mitigate climate change, which indirectly impacts the habitats of these animals.

  8. Support Sustainable Agriculture: Advocate for and support agricultural practices that minimize the risk of disease transmission to wild sheep.

  9. Participate in Citizen Science Projects: Engage in community science initiatives that contribute to tracking and studying bighorn sheep populations.

  10. Stay Informed on Local Wildlife Issues: Regularly update myself on local wildlife news and issues, staying informed about the challenges and successes in bighorn sheep conservation.

By taking these actions, I will contribute to creating a more resilient ecosystem where Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep and other wildlife can thrive. This pledge not only helps in safeguarding a species but also ensures a healthier and more balanced future for all inhabitants of our planet.

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