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Rescue Simba from Confinement and Despair

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Stand with us to liberate Simba the lion from his life of solitude at Tregembo Animal Park, and help us return the roar of freedom to his world.

In the heart of North Carolina, at Tregembo Animal Park, Simba the lion lives far from the life nature intended for him. Confined to a small, barren enclosure1, his story is a stark reminder of the urgent need for change in the way we treat our animal counterparts.

Neglect at at Tregembo Animal Park

Recent inspections by the U.S. Department of Agriculture have unearthed a series of neglect and malpractice at Tregembo Animal Park2. From unsafe enclosures to inadequate veterinary care, the findings shed light on the grim reality faced by animals like Simba.

The park, with a history marred by similar issues, continues to operate under conditions that stifle the natural behaviors and well-being of its inhabitants3.

A Lion's Cry for Freedom

Simba's plight is particularly heart-wrenching. As a lion, his instinctual needs for vast territories, social interactions, and engaging environments are unmet, leading to visible signs of distress. The lack of stimulation and companionship has profound implications on his psychological and physical health.

The narrative of Tregembo Animal Park serves as a wake-up call to the broader issues of captivity and animal welfare. It's time we listen to the silent roars of animals like Simba, advocating for their right to a life that mirrors the freedom and dignity they deserve.

Take Action for Simba

Today, we stand at a crossroads. The story of Simba opens our eyes to the pressing need for compassion and reform in animal care practices. By signing the petition, you join a community of voices calling for Simba's release to a reputable animal sanctuary, where he can roam, explore, and live as close to a natural life as possible.

Your signature is more than just a name on a page; it's a beacon of hope for Simba and a statement against the inhumane treatment of animals in captivity. Let's unite to ensure a brighter, more humane future for all.

Sign the petition now. Stand with Simba.

More on this issue:

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The Petition:

To the Tregembo Family and owners of the Tregembo Animal Park,

We, the undersigned, are deeply concerned citizens advocating for the immediate release of Simba the Lion from Tregembo Animal Park to a reputable and caring animal sanctuary.

It has come to our attention that Simba's current living conditions are far from adequate for a creature of his kind, leading to detrimental effects on his health and well-being.

Lions, by their very nature, require expansive spaces to roam, hunt, and engage in the social structures characteristic of their species. The confinement imposed on Simba at Tregembo Animal Park starkly contradicts these essential needs, replacing open savannas with a limited, unnatural enclosure.

This severe restriction of his natural behaviors and social interactions has been shown to result in significant psychological stress and physical health issues, mirroring the broader impacts of captivity on wild animals.

Moreover, the lack of proper environmental enrichment and social companionship in Tregembo's care is not only disheartening but also contradicts modern standards of animal welfare and ethics. The situation calls for urgent action to rectify the injustices faced by Simba and others in similar predicaments.

By signing this petition, we collectively urge the management of Tregembo Animal Park to recognize the gravity of Simba's plight and take immediate steps towards his relocation to a sanctuary. Such a sanctuary can offer him the space, natural surroundings, and expert care required for his physical and psychological recovery.

This act of compassion and responsibility will not only transform Simba's life but also serve as a beacon of hope and progress in the movement towards more humane treatment of animals in captivity. Together, we can ensure a brighter, more ethical future for all living beings under human care.


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