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Feed and Care for a Rescued Horse

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Pearl (with her daughter Grace) was pregnant when rescued from a life of neglect in the pharmaceutical industry. The pair are now safe and happy for life at the Duchess Sanctuary in Oakland, Oregon a Fund for Animals facility.

Many weeks of care involving careful feeding, farrier work, veterinary attention, and other therapy transform the rescue mares into happy, healthy horses. Duchess Sanctuary staff and volunteers pour their hearts into their rehabilitation and the results have been worth all of the efforts. These horses will never go hungry again, and have become part of the permanent herd at the sanctuary. They now join 200 other horses rescued from slaughter, starvation, neglect, abandonment, and the pharmaceutical industry. With your help, they will live out their lives safe and roaming freely on 1,120 acres of horse haven.

Horses both domestic and wild are still in peril in the United States. The Fund for Animals rescues equines around the country and gives them new lives at our sanctuaries and adoption center.

You can help a rescued horse! Rehabilitation can be costly. $10 provides food, medicine, and care for one recovering horse for one day.

Meet Karisma!


This beautiful sorrel quarter horse came to the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch from another rescue organization. She was deemed unadoptable and no one wanted her. Karisma was a cruelty seizure case and upon arrival it was discovered that she had a serious leg wound, a severe heart murmur and a temperature so low that she needed to be double blanketed. She came to the sanctuary in June of 2016 and has truly flourished! These days she can be found playing in the pasture with her best friend, Milo. There are so many equines in need of rescue. It truly takes a village and we were happy to offer Karisma her forever home. Isn't she beautiful!?

The Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Texas and the Duchess Sanctuary in Oregon are owned and operated by the Fund for Animals, an affiliates of the Humane Society of the United States. Horses both domestic and wild are still in peril in the United States. The Fund for Animals rescues equines around the country and gives them new lives at our sanctuaries.

The Fund for Animals, one of the largest, most active and successful organizations working for the cause of animals, operates three direct care centers, including world-famous Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch.

The horses at Black Beauty Ranch and the Duchess Sanctuary enjoy plentiful hay, pastures in which to run and play, vaccinations and veterinary care, and even toys such as beach balls and traffic cones for some of the more playful and friskier rescues.

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