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Feed a Rescued Infant Chimpanzee for a Week

Item # 30317

Help a rescued chimpanzee return to the wild!

Each year in Africa, thousands of chimpanzees are killed by poachers for the illegal "bush meat" trade. Orphaned baby chimps, not desired for their meat, are then captured and sent, under frightening and dangerous conditions, to either end up as a roadside attraction or to be sold as a pet.

Rescued from the pet trade yet unable to survive in the wild, many of these fragile creatures find a safe haven at the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary in the Ugandan waters of eastern Africa's massive Lake Victoria. There they are able to recover from their captivity, socialize with other rescued chimpanzees, and learn new skills, with the ultimate goal of being re-introduced to the wild.

Your donation through this Gift That Gives More™ helps care for these beautiful rescued animals! $21.00 provides a week's worth of nutritious foods for an infant chimp separated from its mother.

In addition to giving rescued chimpanzees a safe home and ensuring their welfare, the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary provides a low-human impact environment on Ngamba Island, a high-quality educational experience for visitors, and benefits the island's local communities.

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