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Nutritious Food for Patients in South Africa

Item # 31323

Help provide nutritious food to patients at Edendale Hospital in Durban, South Africa!

South Africa's province of KwaZulu-Natal bears the greatest burden of HIV-infected persons in the country and has one of the highest rate of HIV-tuberculosis co-infections in the world; and in response, the South African government has been providing free anti-retroviral (ARV) therapy to impoverished HIV patients.

There are many challenges to delivering the ARV therapies effectively, however, and one of the largest is hunger. When you traveled all day to get to the hospital and haven't eaten, remembering complicated instructions on how to take your medication can be next to impossible. Patients who fail to understand aren't able to simply call up their doctors later to ask for clarification.

Edendale Hospital in KwaZulu-Natal's city of Durban is one of the places serving large numbers of such patients. In response, Harvard Medical School's iTEACH program worked with the hospital to open a small, donor-supported cafeteria in January 2008, feeding patients coming to the hospital for ARVs/ARV therapy who would otherwise go hungry all day.

The food, which is all donated by a local supplier in raw form, provides an added incentive to the patients to come in for their therapies. The cafeteria staff is drawn from HIV patients, many of whom have lost their jobs because they have HIV -- thus offering hope and income, as well as food for the hungry.

The cost of hiring staff to cook and distribute the food is a sticking point, however. Without more help, the cafeteria can be open only one day per week.

You can help! This Gift That Gives More™ will run this small, grassroots cafeteria for an entire day, potentially serving hundreds of hungry people -- patients and relatives of patients, both adults and children. Funds are routed through Bears Without Borders, which has been working at this hospital to distribute teddy bears to children. BWB became aware of this good cause, and alerted us to it, hoping that we could help. BWB sends 100% of donations through this Gift That Gives More™ to Edendale Hospital for this food program, taking no profit from it themselves.

Bears Without Borders is a 501(c)(3) U.S. nonprofit dedicated to the delivery of toys and other materials for the benefit of children worldwide. The organization was founded by two graduate students at Harvard University and MIT in honor of their wedding in order to share the joy they felt with others.

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