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Help Protect Baby Sea Turtles

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Help protect endangered baby sea turtles along the coast of the Bay of Bengal!

Along the eastern coast of India, development, pollution, and poaching have driven the local sea turtles towards extinction. What were once nesting grounds have turned into roads and seaside resorts, or are covered with garbage. Turtles are vulnerable to poachers, who illegally sell them as pets, or kill them and use their parts in folk medicines, specialty cuisine, and jewelry. And although the Fishing Industry Law in India mandates that the fishing industry use devices on its nets to prevent turtles from getting caught, very few devices are actually in use.

VSPCA rangers monitor nesting sites, eggs, and hatchling Olive Ridley sea turtles, and other endangered sea turtle species (green, loggerhead, hawks bill, and leatherback turtles), rescuing them from plastic bags, dogs, cats, crows, and poachers. Rangers also work to convince fishing trawlers to install turtle excluder devices (TEDs) on their nets, and to create community outreach and awareness to protect sea turtles and their nesting sites. This conservation project spans the coastal cities and towns of Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

You can help. This Gift That Gives More™ funds a week's salary and expenses for a sea turtle ranger patrolling the beaches along the Bay of Bengal.

Rescued baby sea turtle making its way to the ocean

Report from the Field
October, 2011

In the last year, the VSPCA was able to help protect 181 nesting endangered sea turtles, both on the beaches where they laid their eggs and by bringing the eggs to hatcheries, where they could develop safe from predation, tourist activity, and pollution. Donors like you funded salaries for two of the rangers protecting turtles in three different locations for four months! Each sea turtle lays over a hundred eggs; that's a whole lot of tiny baby turtles helped because of people like you.

For more than a decade, the VSPCA (Visakha Society For Protection and Care of Animals) has been working in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh to aid suffering animals, prevent cruelty and neglect, protect wildlife, and educate about animal issues. VSPCA conducts extensive spay/neuter campaigns to curb dog and cat overpopulation, provides rescue and ambulance services, helps rescue animals after natural disasters such as the 2004 tsunami, and provides shelter to over a thousand animals in need, including (as of 2008) more than 600 cows and buffalo.

VSPCA provides employment for over 40 people from the surrounding villages, including many women working outside their homes for the first time. Its no-kill shelter compound is eco-friendly, transforming cattle dung into usable energy and making use of vermiculture and intelligent water storage techniques. VSPCA receives no grant funding for any of its wildlife projects, and relies on direct donations and support in order to continue its vital work.

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