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Scarlet Dragonfly Sleeveless Tunic

Care for Two Rescued Rabbits

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Every spring in the U.S., thousands of bunnies are purchased as live toys for children. Exuberant children and ground-loving, easily frightened rabbits are not a good mix, however. Once the child loses interest and the rabbit grows into adolescence -- including natural behaviors such as chewing, spraying, or digging -- many rabbits are destined to be abandoned on the side of a road. But because most were bred in the equivalent of puppy mills and taken from their mothers at early ages, these young rabbits are ill-equipped to survive on their own.

The Rabbit Sanctuary, Inc. exists to rescue and care for these rabbits, as well as ones rescued from laboratories and commercial breeders. Located in Simpsonville, South Carolina, the Rabbit Sanctuary is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit that cares for rabbits rescued from local shelters, commercial breeders, laboratories, and unfit homes. Housed on thirty acres, the Rabbit Sanctuary is proud of its unique "Home for Life" policy, ensuring a permanent home for rabbits in need of one, including special-needs animals.

Rabbits living at the Rabbit Sanctuary are spayed or neutered unless the surgery would be dangerous for them. Because rabbits are social creatures who feel safest with other rabbits, they are paired in twosomes or threesomes so they can snuggle and groom each other. The "Rabbitats" area where they live is covered by a large wooden roof to shelter them from rain, but open to the environment on the sides, so the rabbits can see the sun and stars and feel the wind. They are completely safe from predators at all times. A wooden house and high mounds of hay keep them warm in the mild South Carolinan winter, and shading trees keep them cool in the summer. Instead of being in cages high off the ground, the rabbits have large territories of ground where they can run, jump, and dig in the dirt. After awhile, the rabbits realize that they are there to stay and that they have a "Home for Life."

$10.00 helps care for two rescued rabbits, providing approximately a week's worth of rabbit food, including pellets and a wide variety of delicious, seasonal produce that could include carrots, kale, spinach, cilantro, apples, and other treats.

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