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Help Build a Well in Afghanistan

Item # 40719

Bring clean water to families who have fled the Taliban.

Afghanistan has been at war for a generation. In order to break the cycles of violence and of dependence on foreign aid, grassroots efforts need to be taken -- efforts focused on women and families, and on giving the tools for Afghans to survive and even thrive. Clean water is one of these tools.

Women of Hope is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering families, especially women, living under Taliban oppression. Women of Hope has already installed a well at a refugee camp for the Kuchi people inside the Kabul city limits. Now they hope to bring the gift of clean water to another refugee camp that is even worse off -- located past Karte Nau but still within the Kabul City limits.

These people have fled the Taliban from Helmand and Khandahar with little more than what they could carry. There were approximately 200 families there as of early December 2009, and more have been coming every week. Since there is no local water source, they must walk long distances with wheelbarrows to acquire it. A well in the camp would be an inestimable blessing in a country where women and girls are not allowed to venture outside their homes without being escorted by a male relative.

You can help. $12 funds 1/100th of the cost of constructing a 100-meter well in a refugee camp in Afghanistan, giving the gift of clean water to some of the poorest of the poor. Women of Hope would like to install one well for every 50 families, totaling at least 4 wells at this location.

Women of Hope Project is dedicated to restoring hope, dignity and empowerment to Afghan women and children. Its goal is to end hunger and poverty by teaching women and providing opportunities to promote self sufficiency and self-esteem.

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