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Save Blue-Throated Macaws in Bolivia

Item # 42947

Help save the Blue-throated Macaw from extinction.

Picture this: a pair of elegant Blue-throated Macaws fly serenely across the savannas and forests of northwestern Bolivia in search of their staple food - the oil-rich fruit of the Motacú palm tree. This is one of less than 50 breeding pairs of Blue-throated Macaws surviving in the wild.

On the horizon, a thick haze chokes the air as yet another stand of Motacú palms is engulfed by fire. The Macaws are forced to fly on.

Sadly, the fragile habitat that sustains this magnificent bird is being burnt in order to support agriculture and grazing. Threatened species cannot subsist on what remains - their food sources and living spaces are destroyed. But we can help save this critically endangered macaw.

Expanding the sole protected area in this delicate ecosystem would safeguard critical habitat for many threatened species, including Jaguars, Giant Anteaters, and the Blue-throated Macaw. We must act quickly to save 3,000 acres of natural rainforest and savannas - before a ranching company buys them for intensive cattle farming.

You can help. Incredibly, just $34 donation buys and saves an acre of this majestic land, forever. Your donation through this Gift That Gives More™ preserves an acre of northwestern Bolivia's threatened Beni Savanna.

Pampas Cat Update from the field!

Some amazing wildlife has been sighted in the Beni Savanna reserve, including a troop of owl monkeys, some marsh deer, and a glimpse of the rare and elusive Pampas Cat.

Preserving the land around this reserve is vital in our efforts to protect habitat for animals both enigmatic and ostentatious - from the Pampas Cat to the high-flying Blue-throated Macaw. Thank you for helping these creatures survive.

World Land Trust-US is an international conservation organization dedicated to buying, protecting and sustainably managing lands that conserve rare or endangered species and threatened ecosystems rich in biodiversity. Working with local conservation organizations who negotiate, acquire and manage private lands, WLT-US has saved 1.6 million acres of rainforests and other threatened habitats over the past 21 years.

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