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Rescue a Sick or Injured Stray Dog in Nepal

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Together, we can ensure that street dogs in Kathmandu are healthy and safe.

More than 20,000 dogs live on the streets of Kathmandu, Nepal. Many of them suffer from starvation, mange, and other injuries and illnesses exacerbated by neglect and overpopulation. Because each year around 200 Nepali people die of rabies, the Kathmandu city government used to poison more than 10,000 street dogs each year in an ineffective attempt to control the disease and the street dog population. Now, the government has agreed to no longer poison stray dogs in the areas where Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre (KAT) works.

The KAT Centre opened in May 2004 to bring the street dog population in Kathmandu to health and stability. In just a few years, KAT has made a very noticeable impact on the Kathmandu Valley's dog community, treating more than twelve thousand street dogs. The KAT Centre employs veterinarians and assistants to perform these crucial tasks for the dogs:

  • spaying and neutering them
  • vaccinating them against rabies
  • treating existing conditions

As Dr. Charlotte Uhlenbroek, KAT Patron and BBC television presenter, animal behaviorist, and author puts it, "It's a finite problem and we know what the solution is. All we need is your help."

  • $12 provides a day's wages for a vet who works to spay, neuter, vaccinate, and rescue street animals in Kathmandu.
  • $30 rescues one stray dog from Kathmandu's streets, providing medical care, spay or neuter surgery, and vaccination.

Mango - one rescue story among 12,000 and counting:

Mango Before Mango After

I was waiting for the bus when this appalling suffering creature on four legs walked by. Mango was totally bald; his scrawny body covered in sores. At first, when one sees something like this, one wants to look away - feeling sick. But in Kathmandu, I have seen many such dogs suffering from mange.

I approached Mango, not sure of how he would react to a stranger. But he surprised me by wagging a friendly tail. In front of an astonished queue of people, I picked him up and carefully carried him back to my home. I ran inside to get some food and a towel to cover him for the journey to the KAT [Kathmandu Animal Treatment] Centre.

Mango showed all the signs that inside this hideous creature there was a very perky, brave little dog... so why not give this little fellow the chance he deserved? By KAT's ceremonial opening day, Mango was cured of the mange. He was already showing signs of the beauty he was to become - our fabulous Tibetan Terrier.

~Jan Salter, Founder of KAT Centre

The Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre (KAT Centre) is a non-profit registered charitable organization dedicated to improving the welfare of Nepal's animals. Its goals are to create a healthy, stable street dog population and eliminate rabies in Kathmandu, Nepal. KAT's staff, which is entirely Nepali, includes two full-time vets and six animal care staff who also function as veterinary assistants.

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