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Protect Animals & Children From Rabies

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Just $2 protects a dog from rabies and helps stop the spread of this fatal, terrifying disease.

According to the WHO, 40% of the tens of thousands of people bitten by rabid animals each year are children. In the developed world, rabies is well controlled through pet vaccination and public information campaigns. The developing world often lacks the resources for this kind of campaign. The result is that the world's poorest people are exposed to a devastating disease that is entirely preventable.

The fear of rabies also undermines the relationship between people and dogs. Millions of healthy dogs are indiscriminately killed in misdirected attempts to stop the spread of the disease.

The Global Alliance for Rabies Control has devised a community-led project model which has shown outstanding results in reducing rabies deaths. The model includes education about the disease and good pet-stewardship; dog registration, tagging and vaccination; preventative vaccines for children and high-risk adults; and appointing community volunteers who are the first point of contact in the event of possible exposure to the disease.

Your compassion can help stop the spread of rabies among dogs and people. Just $10 vaccinates five dogs.

The Global Alliance for Rabies Control strives to free people and animals from the threat of rabies.

True Story from The Global Alliance for Rabies Control:

When Jalai's dog, a three-year-old female, developed signs of rabies, the family didn't know where the dog had contracted the disease. Before she died, she bit her own puppy and one of the family's goats.

Six days after the mother dog bit the puppy, it also developed symptoms of rabies. The puppy bit Jalai, leaving two small but deep puncture wounds on his left hand. He went to his local dispensary, where they told him he would have to pay for the post-exposure rabies vaccine. He left untreated because he had no money.

Twenty-nine days after the bite, he started showing symptoms. Once the disease sets in and symptoms are apparent, there's nothing that can be done. Although his family tried to get hospital treatment for him, the hospitals turned him away it was too late. He died at home four days later.

Jalai's family lost two dogs, a goat, and their main breadwinner, all to a preventable disease.

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