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Food & Care for a Rescued Wild Mustang

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The very embodiment of the spirit of the American west, the mustang was introduced on our shores by Spanish conquistadors five centuries ago -- and has reigned in our imaginations ever since. This majestic equine thrived for hundreds of years, its fierce independence weaving deeply into the fabric of American lore. By the early 1900s, its numbers had soared to over two million. But industrialization and loss of habitat over the last century have decimated the mustang population. Today only about 40,000 remain in the wild, with nearly as many in captivity -- and most in need of rescue.

That's where the Wild Horse Rescue Center rides in. The WHRC saves mustangs from abusive environments, often nursing them back from the brink of death. They work to tame and train these proud animals, preparing them to be adopted into loving homes.

But while the majority of mustangs can be domesticated, not all are able to make the transition. WHRC founder Diane Delano calls these few "wild at heart" -- and vows that the WHRC will never break a horse's spirit by forcing it to be tamed. Instead, these mustangs live out their days in the comfort and safety of the Center.

The WHRC also works on behalf of mustangs by mentoring owners, teaching workshops on care and gentling, and providing education on the indispensable role of the mustang in American history.

Your contribution of $20 provides a week of nutritious meals for a mustang at the Center.

The Wild Horse Rescue Center (WHRC) is dedicated to the preservation of America's wild horses. They rescue, rehabilitate, and find new homes for mustangs and burros and provide educational clinics and seminars for the public.

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