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Care & Feeding for a Rescued Tiger

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Help lifetime sanctuaries care for tigers rescued from the pet trade.

Experts estimate that there are as many as 5,000 tigers kept in captivity across the United States. Most of these are not in zoos. They are in backyards, houses, and kennels, often with inadequate care and space. This is completely inappropriate for a wild animal that, in its natural state, covers a home territory of seven to thirty miles.

Tigers are intelligent 600-pound carnivores. They eat 60 pounds of meat each week, and require considerable space to move around, proper veterinary care, and enrichment activities. As a result of the out-of-control pet trade, most legitimate sanctuaries are nearing or at capacity for big cats, and many lack financial reserves. Worse, an increasing number of captive tigers are being offered for sale on the black market, driving a demand for tiger parts that encourages poachers to target their wild and endangered kin.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare has committed to rescuing big cats from dangerous or cruel captive situations, and moving them into qualified lifetime sanctuaries. Because so many sanctuaries are at capacity, IFAW is identifying the best ones and helping them increase the number of big cats they can handle. These tigers deserve a better life - they are wild animals, not pets.

You can help! $25 provides one day of food and care for a rescued tiger in a lifetime sanctuary.

Update from the Field
June 2015

IFAW recently conducted a tiger rescue in McKinley Texas, near Dallas. The owners could no longer care for the tiger and IFAW was forced to intervene. Along with InSync Exotics, IFAW will be transporting the last remaining cat "Pookie" to Black Pine Animal Sanctuary in Indiana for lifetime care.

"Pookie" was once a star of film and TV. Today, she awaits her transport to India to live out her twlighlight years. Thanks to the help of IFAW and InSync Exotics, Pookie can live a healthy life at a sanctuary with other exotic animals.

IFAW Tigers

Update from the Field
February 2014

This morning, we assembled the team, which included a local veterinarian and staff, Sheba's owner, the camp staff, and representatives from In-Sync Exotics (the sanctuary receiving Sheba). We immobilized Sheba and took radiographs of the leg she has been limping on, drew blood for basic blood work and a canine distemper titer, provided SQ fluids, weighed her, and conducted a brief overall physical exam. Besides the concerns with her lameness (which is most likely a result of being completely declawed and a decade living on concrete), Sheba appears to be in good health and condition. It was all hands on deck as she was light under the anesthesia, but we completed everything in under 15 minutes and safely transferred her into a transport crate. Sheba traveled extremely well during the 5 hour drive to In-Sync Exotics in Wylie, Texas. She has yet to come out of her transport crate, as we are giving her plenty of time and patience to allow her to come out on her own terms. We will visit her tomorrow morning again to see her in her new home.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) works to improve the welfare of wild and domestic animals throughout the world by reducing commercial exploitation of animals, protecting wildlife habitats, and assisting animals in distress. IFAW seeks to motivate the public to prevent cruelty to animals and to promote animal welfare and conservation policies that advance the well-being of both animals and people.

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