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Help People and Pets Escape Domestic Violence

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Help rescue an animal from an abusive situation.

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 52 percent of victims in shelters leave their pets with their batterers and up to 40 percent of domestic violence victims are unable to escape their abusers because they are concerned about what will happen to their pets when they leave. Seventy-one percent of pet-owning women entering women's shelters reported that their batterer had injured, maimed, killed, or threatened family pets.

Because so few domestic violence shelters have the ability to accommodate pets, victims often feel like they only have two options when it comes to their animals: leave them behind, or remain with their pets and subject themselves, their children, and their pets to continued abuse.

RedRover's Safe Escape grants provide timely financial support to enable victims and their pets to flee their abusers. Grants are available throughout the United States and may be used to pay for emergency boarding and veterinary care.

Your compassion can help those in abusive situations get the help they need without endangering their beloved animals. Just $15 helps provide one day of boarding and a safe haven for an animal in a crisis situation.


Update from the Field
May 2017

RedRover regularly partners with organizations in our community, to work together to make the world a better place for animals and the people who love them. One of the many organizations we regularly partner with in our own community is WEAVE, a Sacramento based nonprofit that provides crisis intervention services for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. RedRover helps WEAVE clients by providing Safe Escape grants to cover the cost of boarding victims’ pets while the families receive services through WEAVE to help them heal and start new lives.

On May 4th, RedRover participated in the Big Day of Giving, a 24-hour local giving challenge, and we created a video to raise money and awareness of how we work together with organizations like WEAVE to save the lives of animals and people in our community. The video features the emotional story of Shari, a domestic violence survivor, her two dogs, Doja and Oliver, and how they were able to rebuild their lives thanks to RedRover, WEAVE and caring people like the ones who support GreaterGood’s Gifts That Give More Campaign.


Update from the Field
June 2015

With the help of RedRover, a 12-year-old Robert and his beloved cat Clark Kent have been reunited!

Robert Pressler and his mother Jennifer arrived at the Sojourner Center, a center for Domestic Abuse victims, just two months ago. Like many other domestic abuse facilities, they were asked to leave behind their cat. For Jennifer, leaving behind their cat Clark Kent was not an option. "We ere going to leave and I didn't have anywhere to go," Pressler told local TV station Fox 10.

With generous funding assistance from RedRover, the Sojourner Center just opened their very own pet shelter. For Robert and Jennifer, they can now enjoy the comfort of having their pet by their side.

This shows great progress for animal owners who are victims of domestic abuse. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, between 25 and 40 percent of domestic violence victims will not leave a dangerous situation because they do not want to abandon their pets. With facilities like the Sojourner Center's Pet Shelter, we can get one step closer to reducing continued domestic violence cases in the United States.

RedRover, a national animal protection and education nonprofit organization, offers direct help to families and pets displaced by domestic violence. Founded in 1987, RedRover brings animals from crisis to care and strengthens the bond between people and animals through emergency sheltering, disaster relief services, financial assistance for veterinary care, and education.

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