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Help Bears Stay Wild and Free

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Help save bear and human lives!

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Bears, a symbol of the North American wild, need space to survive. With over an acre of land lost to development in the United States every minute, bears are driven from their natural habitat into other lands, like farms and ranches. However, wild bears can be harmful to livestock, often resulting in livestock injury and death. Across the U.S., the primary means livestock farms use to protect livestock from predators is lethal control - a short term fix and extremely harmful to the declining wild bear population. Coexistence is possible, but farms must adapt to succeed.

Certified Wildlife Friendly® and Predator Friendly® farms and ranches use a host of practices to coexist with wide-ranging carnivores like bears. Farms and ranches are certified and monitored by the Wildlife Friendly® team, in order to create a network of interconnected lands that are safe for wildlife, including predators like bears, to roam. From careful observation to working with livestock guardian animals to scheduling pasture use, certified producers take action daily to ensure space for free-roaming wildlife. Help us improve bears' ability to adapt and reward farms that protect bears.

You can help. Just $5 helps farmers engage in life-saving practices to coexist with bears.

Report from the Field

May 2017: In the most recent period, we spent over 80 hours training 10 individuals and spread proactive, coexistence practices to farms in Oregon, Washington, and California. January 2017: The most recent grant provided Pam and Craig Knowles, wildlife biologists living in a remote part of Central Montana, to become certified and monitored. They maintain 480 acres of land that is home to bison and their calves. Their ranch encounters a variety of wildlife and supplies meat to many locals. Withe the help from the grant they can ensure that their bison and the surrounding wildlife remain protected.

The Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network works around the world to:
  • Conserve keystone wildlife and the natural systems critical to the health of people and the planet.
  • Help family farms to flourish and promote the practice of ecological agriculture.
  • Build the market for sustainable foods, fibers, and artisan goods, and inspire consumers to change the world.

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