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Help New York City's Homeless Cats

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Provide urgently needed medical care to a sick or injured homeless kitten or cat.

There are, at minimum, tens of thousands of cats struggling to survive in the streets and alleyways of New York City. Neighborhood Cats work with community members, teaching residents how to safely practice Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), to stop the cycle of overbreeding and give outdoor cats the best possible quality of life. But the problem is vast and for many caretakers with limited means, veterinary help is out of reach when a cat they look after is sick or injured and needs emergency care to survive.

When extra help is needed to spare suffering, save lives, and make positive change happen for cats and caretakers in need, Neighborhood Cats turn to Shady's Fund (named in memory of "Shady", a much-loved rescued cat). Shady's Fund underwrites veterinary treatment for sick or injured ferals with positive prognoses (such as suturing severe lacerations), and aids community members who wish to help feral cats in their neighborhoods but are unable to do so without assistance (for example, senior citizens who can put out food every morning but are themselves too frail to trap and transport cats to spay/neuter clinics). Shady's Fund makes medical care and lifesaving services possible for those who would otherwise have no way of finding help.

Report from the Field
August 2014

The half-grown black-and-white kitten sat at the end of a brick alley, tail curled around her legs. She was too thin and her white paws were soiled – but it was her head, twisted painfully sideways that instantly grabbed our attention. Neighborhood Cats was TNRing a large feral colony around the alleyway and we knew this kitten needed immediate medical care. We trapped "Tilly" and took her to a local veterinary clinic where tests diagnosed a mass called a polyp deep in her ear canal. Polyps are benign, but they can kill if they grow too big. The lifesaving surgery that Tilly needed was paid for through Shady's Fund. During her recovery, we realized Tilly was a gentle kitten who'd come to trust her human caregivers, so when she was well we found her a home. She's there now, still with the tiniest bit of a head tilt that makes it look like she's always asking a question, but thanks to Shady's Fund, Tilly is happy, healthy, and home to stay.

Neighborhood Cats believes Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is the most humane and effective method available to address the severe feral cat overpopulation crisis faced by this country. By making TNR fully understood, accepted and practiced in every community we aim to end widespread suffering and loss of life while making life better for free-roaming cats, wherever they may be.

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