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Care for Homeless Puppies in Thailand!

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Help rescue puppies from the streets of Thailand.

Hundreds of stray puppies, some too young to open their eyes, are brought to Soi Dog Foundation's shelter in Thailand every year. The luckier ones come to the shelter with their mother, who if in good enough health, is able to raise her puppies with our help. Those without their mothers often need to go into foster care for around the clock care. This is the only way these puppies will have any chance of survival.

You can help these puppies have a chance at a happy life by making a donation to ensure they receive the 24 hour care they need. Your donation will include special milk formula, vaccinations and parasite treatment, as well as a loving foster home where they will stay until they are ready for adoption.

You can help. Just $10 provides food and medical care to a motherless puppy for one month.

Update from the Field

June 2016

In addition to the completed dog hospital, a dedicated mother and puppy unit is currently being constructed in the new hospital which is being built at the Soi Dog Foundation shelter in Phuket, Thailand. Currently, orphaned pups and nursing mothers are being housed in the puppy run at the shelter. This is not ideal for them, as puppies are prone to disease, and their current kennels are not separated from the older puppies in Soi Dogs care. The mother and puppy unit will contain 11 kennels specially designed for the needs of orphaned puppies and nursing mothers. The hospital is now nearing completion and is scheduled to be fully functional before mid-2016.

New Soi Dog Hospital 1

March 2015


With the help of GreaterGood, Soi Dog has made exciting progress on building a new dog hospital in Thailand. The foundation and concrete floor are now complete and they have installed most of the steel columns to support the roof. Soi Dog has the steel for the roof and the bricks for the walls, and they will begin laying bricks within the next few days. They are meeting with companies that will provide the X-ray equipment, kennel doors, and fencing, and expect to reach agreements with them in the near future.

Soi dog is happy to announce they have raised about 2/3rd's of the money needed to build and equip the hospital, but still need your support to finish the project.

New Soi Dog Hospital 2

Jomel's Story

Jomel is a puppy that the Soi Dog Shelter helped nurse back to health. Jomel's story shows how important a puppy unit can be. Read his story below.


"My name is Jomel. I'm only four months old but I've suffered a lot in my short little life. I would like you to read my story in hopes that you can help other pups like me.

I was brought to Soi Dog's shelter in dreadful condition. I had something the vets called scabies as well as a fungal infection. My fur, once beautiful and puppy-soft, had gone crusty and even fallen out in places. The itching was so horrible I scratched non-stop but it never went away. My constant scratching made things even worse but I was too young to understand that.

The vets treating me promised they would make me better. They said I needed to be all alone in a kennel within the clinic so I wouldn't give scabies to other dogs. I was bored and a little lonely in that little kennel – I could see dogs in every other kennel but I couldn't play with them. But at least the vets spent time with me each day and made me feel loved. They put medicine on my skin which made me feel better. From the moment I came to Soi Dog, everything started to change. As I improved and the vets said I was no longer contagious, I was moved into the puppy kennels, where I was overjoyed to make some new friends who I could play with.

As I got better and better, I was eventually moved into the puppy run and my friends from the kennels came with me. I am now such a happy dog, playful and very curious. My fur has grown back and all the terrible itching has stopped.

I am telling you this story so I can say thank you to the Soi Dog supporters who changed my world from one of suffering to one of joy. The world should be like this for all puppies but sadly, the people here tell me it is not. There are a lot of puppies on the streets of Thailand and sometimes Soi Dog can't help them all because their clinic is almost constantly filled with other dogs receiving treatment. We desperately need a bigger dog hospital to be able to help many more puppies like me."

The mission of Soi Dog Foundation is to improve the welfare of dogs and cats in Thailand, resulting in better lives for both the animal and human communities, to end animal cruelty, and to ultimately create a society without homeless animals.

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