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Care for a Baby Chimpanzee Rescued from the Illegal Wildlife Trade

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Help wildlife centers take care of baby chimpanzees who were saved from wildlife smugglers in Africa!

Chimpanzees and gorillas in protected forests in Africa are shot down and butchered in the bushmeat trade, and the babies, who are too small to eat, are sold on the black market to be pets. In other areas, baby primates are stolen from the forest to be trafficked to China or the Middle East where they are sold as pets or put on exhibit in appallingly inhumane zoos. These highly intelligent and social animals face a miserable existence locked in cages or living in isolation.

Through collaboration between wildlife centers, other nonprofit organizations, and government agencies, some smugglers are arrested and animals are saved. Thousands of chimpanzees and other primates who have been rescued as babies from the horrific wildlife trade now live at Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA) member wildlife centers across Africa. With support these organizations can impact more and more survivors of the illegal wildlife trade.

You can help. Just $10 feeds a baby chimpanzee for one week.


Report from the Field

June 2016

The Chimpanzee Conservation Center (CCC) in Guinea rescued two infant chimpanzees from wildlife smugglers. These babies - Kanda, a five month old male, and Soumba, a ten month old female - were on the verge of a cruel fate, possibly trafficked to an unofficial zoo in China or an exotic pet collection in the Middle East.

Soumba was terrified, dehydrated and lying flat on the ground. The traffickers didn’t feed her the day before she was rescued, and she's lucky to be alive. Kanda was very healthy, despite being so young and tiny. We think they captured him by killing his mother and the other chimps in his social group only a few hours before he was rescued, because a five month old chimpanzee can't survive long without proper care.

Thanks to your donations, they are both now at the Chimpanzee Conservation Center where they immediately received urgent medical care and nourishing food. They spend their days with a person who acts as a surrogate mother, who is working to give them the strength the need and the will to live.

The Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA), the largest association of wildlife centers in Africa, includes 22 organizations in 13 countries which are securing a future for Africa's primates and their habitat. PASA advocates for its member organizations on an international scale, provides them with vital support, and works closely with them to raise awareness globally about wildlife conservation issues.

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