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Help Homeless Pets Get Basic Healthcare That They Need

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Help more pets in shelters across the US stay heartworm free. Elanco is matching all donations 2 to 1, so every dollar you give is tripled!

A heartworm diagnosis can stop an adoption cold in its tracks. In many cases, heartworm disease can mean a dog or cat doesn't make it to the adoption floor at all. The disease is entirely preventable, and for animals who have been diagnosed, totally curable in most cases. Unfortunately, many shelters and rescues simply don't have the extra room in their budget to use parasite preventatives on their animals, which leads to less adoptions overall for animals like Louise.

Louise was cared for by A Better Life — Peace, Love, and Animals, but when they took her in, she was heartworm positive. Luckily, the shelter was dedicated to saving her and thanks to a grant from GreaterGood.org, she received the care she needed and now, according to the shelter, lounges around on the couch all day with her new mom and dad.

According to Misti Cooper, Director of the shelter, "In years past, it would be considered a curse for a dog to be heartworm positive. Thank goodness, our attitudes have changed and heartworm positive dogs can live out their lives in loving homes. But it all comes at a hefty price for shelters/rescues to fix them."

That's why GreaterGood.org has partnered with Elanco to provide its Interceptor® (mibemycin oxime) medication to shelters and rescues across the US. The monthly medication protects against common intestinal parasites and heartworm disease. It's simple—healthier animals means more adoptions.

You can help. 100% of your donation goes to provide medication to shelters and rescues that need it most. And, best of all, Elanco is matching all donations 2 to 1 so that when you pay to help one animal, two others will receive help as well. As little as $10.00 can help. Donate today!

Indication Statement

Interceptor® is indicated for use in the prevention of heartworm disease, the control of adult hookworm*, and the removal and control of adult roundworm and whipworm infection in dogs and in puppies four weeks of age or greater and two pounds body weight or greater. Interceptor for Cats is indicated for use in the prevention of heartworm disease, and the removal of adult hookworm and roundworm in cats and kittens six weeks of age or greater and 1.5 lbs. body weight or greater.

A. Caninum

Important Safety Information

Dogs and cats should be tested for existing heartworm infection prior to use. In a small percentage of treated dogs, digestive and neurologic side effects may occur. Safety in heartworm-positive cats has not been established. Safety in breeding, pregnant, and lactating queens and breeding toms has not been established. Please see full Interceptor product information for complete safety information or contact your veterinarian: http://interceptorpet.com/pdf/INT_product_label_info.pdf

© 2017 Eli Lilly and Company or its affiliates. Interceptor, Elanco and the diagonal bar logo are trademarks of Eli Lilly and Company or its affiliates. USCAHINT00098

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100% of your donation will go to the program described above as a grant through GreaterGood.org. GreaterGood stores do not receive any profit from donations through this Gift That Gives More™; we bring it to you in the spirit of the greater good. We even pay the credit card transaction fee, so every cent of your donation goes to charity.

GreaterGood.org has ultimate authority and discretion with regard to the distribution of its funds. All expenditures made are consistent with the exempt purposes of GreaterGood.org.


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