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Rebuild the Escambia County Animal Shelter

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Help transform the Escambia County Animal Shelter from a city "pound" to a positive family friendly adoption center!

The Escambia County Animal Shelter in Pensacola Florida takes in over 500 dogs and cats each month. That's a huge service to the community—and a huge responsibility for a shelter working out of an old 25 year old building. In 1992, when the facility was originally built, animal shelters were designed to be nothing more than dog pounds, and the general attitude toward animal adoption was much less positive. A lot has changed in the public perception toward animal adoption, but unfortunately, the Escambia County Shelter building hasn't changed with the times. The dogs and cats currently housed there get no time outside, and spend their lives indoors in cages, stressed and afraid. Sweet dogs like Dharma, a loving and friendly black pit bull, get overlooked as they sit in their crowded kennels. Now, in 2017, Escambia County wants to transform their shelter into a family friendly adoption center where thousands of dogs and cats can find their forever homes.

That's where Rescue Rebuild comes in. With your support we will reimagine the shelter from the ground up. We'll redesign the interior, so that as soon as potential adopters walk through the doors they feel welcomed. We'll build dedicated outdoor exercise and agility yards for the dogs, and construct an outside meet and greet area for potential adopters and their prospective pets (dedicated outdoor areas raise adoption rates by an average of 25%). We will design an open cage-free cat room, and build a screened in catio so their cats can get out of their tiny cages. Then, we'll bring in our friends at Dogs Playing for Life to train the shelter staff on proven exercise and play techniques that keep dogs happy, healthy, and adoptable. These changes will increase adoption and drastically improve the lives of thousands of animals each year.

But, we can't do it without your help. This is one of our most ambitious projects to date, and we need your support to make it a reality. Every dollar you give will go a long way toward saving the lives of pets at the Escambia County Animal Shelter for years to come. Donate today!

This renovation will be filmed for the hit PBS series "Shelter Me". Give over $50 to receive exclusive content and early access to the full episode to see your donation in action! The first 25 people to give $250 or more will have their names appear in the credits of the episode!

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