Tell South Carolina to Stop Torturing Innocent Bears!

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The cruel sport of bear baiting is still taking place in South Carolina and causing unnecesary harm to defenseless bears.

Bear baiting is a bloody sport in which bears are kept in enclosed areas and tormented by a set of hunting dogs. The bear in question is chained to a solitary structure and then dogs are set loose within the area. The dogs torture and frighten the bear, who can only sit defenseless while this happens, and while its cruel owners sit on the sidelines and watch for entertainment.

Bear baiting is inhumane and causes needless pain and suffering for the bears. Sign the petition asking director of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Alvin Taylor to prohibit bear baiting and any activities related to the inhumane treatment of captive bears.

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The Petition:

Dear Director Alvin Taylor,

I am appalled to hear that the cruel sport of bear baiting is still legal and happening in South Carolina. Bear baiting involves chaining innocent bears in enclosed areas and letting dogs loose to torture them. I am enraged that this is considered entertainment to some people. This is right on par with dog fighting and cock fighting.

These helpless bears don't stand a chance against the dogs that torture and ravage them. The bears are chained and cannot defend themselves. I do not understand how this can be considered fair, much less amusing.

I am writing to ask that you use your influence as Director of the Department of Natural Resources to see that this heinous sport is put to rest and made illegal forever. These poor bears need concerned advocates to speak in their favor and stand up for what's right. We cannot allow this kind of inhumanity to continue any longer.


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This petition is no longer active. View other causes that need your support.

Victory! The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources has publicly stated that they will not issue any new permits for the private possession of black bears, putting an end to this cruel practice. Help end another form of bear baiting by signing the petition here!: