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South Africa: No More Canned Hunts!

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Sponsor: The Animal Rescue Site

Lions are being trapped and bred for trophy hunting in South Africa. Stop the savagery!

Canned hunting is a type of hunting in which animals are placed in a confined area, then followed and gunned down by hunters. Also called trophy hunting, canned hunts are popular in South Africa, where lions are often bred for this purpose alone. Hunters come to these "canned" areas and pay large fees to hunt the lions.

With canned hunting, the animal is sure to die since it's being held in an enclosed area with no chance for escape. It's a completely unfair and brutal practice, and only exists for the entertainment of morally challenged hunters.

Sign the petition asking the head of the South African Department of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries, Peter Thabethe, to put a stop to these cruel canned hunts for good.

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The Petition:

Dear Peter Thabethe,

Are you aware of the atrocities being committed in South Africa with regards to canned hunting and the lion population? Canned hunting is a brutal "sport" in which lions are kept in an enclosed area and hunters track them and gun them down. There is no escape for these poor animals; their fate is sealed once they enter the enclosed space.

How is this legal? How can these cruel people be allowed to shoot innocent lions without allowing them a possible escape? And how is this even fun for the hunters? It's plain barbaric.

Canned hunting is just one more act with which humans are proving their savagery and complacence for the future of Earth and its creatures. Canned hunting shows just how pathetic and barbaric the human race can be.

Those who conduct canned hunts should pay for their actions, as they heartlessly take innocent animal lives. Please make this bloody sport illegal once and for all.


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This petition is no longer active. View other causes that need your support.

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